GONVVAMA is a Greenfield project which has brought together the strengths of ArcelorMittal & VALIN through VAMA and also Gonvarri. Following attributes make it a very exciting and unique workplace.
1. Multicultural working environment in GONVVAMA
Welcome to GONVVAMA, a hotpot of different cultures and nationalities. We have colleagues from China, Spain, France, India and still a lot more to come.
Different experiences and perspectives help us to find right balance and reach optimum decisions making our people and business successful. Despite diverse backgrounds, GONVVAMA people share common vision and core values. We have a very open work culture and a matrix organizational structure encouraging free flow of new ideas. Are you ready to be immersed into colors of different cultures?
2. Fast paced learning & development
GONVVAMA offers great learning and development opportunities in all functional areas of the business. We are a new age company with prime focus on continuous trainings and people development. Our specialized training programs help new recruits and experienced employees to discover and realize their potential and reach next levels in their career. We have trainings and mentoring not only to hone technical and professional skills but also to sharpen soft-skills for all round personal & professional development. GONVVAMA is a key step in VAMA & Gonvarri’s global automotive steel footprint. GONVVAMA employees will be closely connected to highly experienced workforce of VAMA & Gonvarri around the world.
3. High tech
GONVVAMA is going to have state of the art production facility and equipment, envy of all our peers in the Chinese automotive steel industry. We have strong technology and R&D support from ArcelorMittal. GONVVAMA is poised to become the flag bearer in automotive steel technology space. Our technical prowess is not limited to GONVVAMA plant but our sphere of influence extends up to design and manufacturing centers of automotive customers. We will help our customers to produce safer, lighter, and more fuel efficient cars.
4. Young and dynamic
We are a team of enthusiastic, curious, energetic, creative, adaptable, and open minded people. We embrace new changes, challenges and opportunities. At GONVVAMA, the average age of the workforce is 33 years and this number is further decreasing as every day more and more young talents are joining us. Knowledge, adaptability, and perseverance form our DNA.