AHSS and Aluminum blanking

Advanced high strength steel sheets blanking
GONVVAMA Press Blanking Lines are capable to address all high end products from VAMA including AHSS and AlSi coated Press Hardened Steels (Usibor® and Ductibor®).
Coils are levelled to be flat and cut to shape blanks by the high precision press blanking line with efficient nesting to optimize material use ratio
Capable in processing 4 parts per stroke with advanced stacking line.
Value creation by efficient nesting 
Efficient nesting achieved thanks to large coil width availability from VAMA and state-of-the-art blanking line of GONVVAMA.
Exposed steel and aluminum blanking
Thanks to know-how transfer from Gonvarri, GONVVAMA’s 800T hybrid blanking lines (SOP Q4/2018) are fully capable to process rectangular, trapezoidal and shape blanks in both exposed steel and aluminum.