GONVVAMA 2021 HQ and CS Plant Leadership Development Training


Leadership, refers to the ability to make the most of human and objective conditions within jurisdiction to improve the efficiency of group by doing what is needed at minimal cost. What is situational leadership? What is goal management? How do we become qualified leaders? What should leaders do when leading a company or a team? In this regard, GONVVAMA HQ and CS Plant jointly held a Leadership Development Training on October 14th and 15th, focusing on the leaders in the change of identity and responsibilities, and to understand and master the basic management elements and skills of the leader's work.

Before the course, Ruddy, trainer from the training agency explained in detail with the Leadership Self-assessment score of the trainees’ advance assessment, analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the leaders of HQ and Changshu Plant in the dimensions such as Creativity, Logical & Analytical, Energy & Drive, Resilience etc., and brought the next question: What does the score represent? How should different leaders manage employees at different stages?

Next, the course begins. After grouping, trainer Simon asked us the question: We live in a changing business environment, and how should we deal with a situation where the factors that have made us successful in the past may hinder our development today? You know, the whole environment has gone from VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) to TUNA (Turbulency, Uncertainty, Novelty, Ambiguity). The Black Swan incident exists in all fields, whether financial markets, business, economy, or personal life. No one could escape its control and may even cause great damage or great risk.

But these are not entirely unpredictable. We want to bring the future to this day and make more careful planning. Of course, it's not enough to bring change management alone into management environment, and leaders need to be more agile and quick to adapt to and take advantage of this change, to give employees more guidance and leadership, and to turn crises into agents of change.

What is teamwork? Simon immerses everyone in a small game with a team fun. The most impressive game for the trainees is the Water Bottle Challenge. With a horizontal line as a starting line, how could you use various objects on your body to place the water bottle as far away as you think it is, without crossing it? The teams do their best to exceed their goals repeatedly, full of fun and challenges.

During the two-day course, Simon immerses the trainees in an active atmosphere by doing team discussions, team exercises, team presentations, and team competitions. Easy to know, trainees could only get real knowledge through learning. To maintain a positive attitude towards work, you can get happiness at work as well.